Village of Dénezé-sous-Doué

Mairie de Dénezé-sous-Doué

1 rue Principale

Tél : 02 41 59 21 62

Fax : 02 41 59 25 45

Tuesday : 9am – 1pm and 5pm – 7pm

Wednesday: 10.30am – 12.30pm (midday)

Friday: 9am – 11.45am


The life of the community is linked to agricultural activity with the production of cereals, grapevines, milk, roses and nurseries. Its history is ancient, as there are many dolmens (Saugré, Map), underground shelters, a cave carved in the 16th century, a dovecote at La niverdière, the old fashioned wash houses (Saugré, Chavais), troglodyte farms, including 3The Fosse". The 11th century church is a curious and beautiful building. It has a romanesque doorway with five concentric arches, a square bell tower topped by an octogonal spire covered with slate in 1713.


In the place known as "the Niverdière", near the troglodyte hamlet of "La Fosse", there is a magnificent subterranean dovecote which is worth a visit, access is free. The Fête of Métives held annually, on the first sunday of August bringing together the community, with residents dressed in period costume, to recreate a harvest in the traditionnal way. The fete ends with a rustic meal and entertainment.


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