Village of Montfort

Montfort is a Latin name " Mons fortis " widespread in France . It indicates a fortified elevation , usually by the Romans , so between the first and the 4th century AD . Mont Fort was on the other side of the road / Saumur Gifted towards Piedmont. There are remnants of stone construction.

Village where we are not called MONTFORT before the sixteenth century , it was called " Villa Spinacium " or " Villa Epina " because of the black thorn that grew there . From the fifteenth century the inhabitants of MONTFORT Epina down to the " colonized " - partly, no doubt - they also brought in the name of their village Epina which is called the eighteenth century, MONTFORT aka Epina . Only the castle kept the name Epina . This field is a limestone tufa belonging to the Mesozoic era , called the TURONIAN ( the city of TOURS located 70 Km east of Saumur ) . This limestone , Cretaceous , Tertiary land nearby here Miocene ( one kilometer in the plain ) and left faluns . These two fields are 40 million years difference . Are the two stones mixed into the construction of the region :

- Freestone , white stone Cretaceous

- The shelly , more ocher , also called Dapple because it turns gray with age.



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